United Kingdom is a big country it’s a

               United Kingdom is a big country it’s a great country to live at I really want to know this question how does United Kingdom use less energy?Let’s go find out how does United kingdom use less energy.Nuclear   United Kingdom uses nuclear reactors which are going to shut down in the next decade or so but other companies are planning to create next generation nuclear reactors some should be working this year 2018.They use around 21 percent of nuclear reactors for electricity.This is bad because this is a limited time fuel so it won’t last for long. These types of fuels are very useful but they are limited only if types of fuels like this was renewable.Gas   Gas is the fuel we use everyday we use it to cook food.Gas is one of the thing that will run out because this is limited too.Its limited because we can’t create them again because they are limited timed and people use it everyday.They use a lot sometimes also they sometimes use less but they are using less gas so they could be one of the best countries in the world. Burned fossil fuels are used to make electricity.Gas is useful very very useful i tell you but it should be renewable because we use it everyday.Gas also can be used for other type of stuff i’m not sure about this but it can be used for a type of medicine i think.  Coal fire is something that United kingdom will uses most people should know that we are already running out of coal very fast some countries like africa uses coal for 94 percent of electricity. Meanwhile China and India uses coal for 70-75 percent of electricity. United Kingdom does use less coal which mean they are a good country. This is bad in a same way because people from other countries are using it for like barbecue we are running out of coal we can’t create them and they are limited.Coal is useful for people a lot i’m just saying that most of the non-renewable fuels should become renewable so we people can keep creating them again and again.Renewables       I would recommend United Kingdom and other countries to use renewables because renewables are the type we can create again so which is good because renewable won’t run out but non-renewables will run out because non-renewable are limited timed. I feel like countries should use non-renewables when its like they really have to use it or it’s urgent. People have been using fuels like coal for a long time so that’s why there is a short period of time for coal.Fact   Did you know that a average house in the United Kingdom per year use 4000 kwh/year. Meanwhile other countries are using more than United kingdom other countries should decrease their kwh because the more they use the more they have to pay money and non-renewables can run out quicker if other countries keep doing this.                                   Conclusion     Countries are doing fine now because they are trying to use less now some are still staying the same United Kingdom is keeping up the good work they should stay like that.So they can be a green country or something because green is something when you are not wasting electricity using bikes instead of cars .Keep up the good work United Kingdom.