(a) more secretion during sexual act when

(a) Testes (sex glands):

There is a pair of oval testes present in the scrotum. They descend into the scrotum at the time of birth. The approximate size is 4 x 3 cm and each weighing about 12 g. In the testes sperms are produced.

(b) Epididymis:

It is the portion which is closely attached to the posterior side of each testis. It receives and stores the sperms produced by the testes.

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(c) Vas deferens:

From each epididymus a tube of whitish colour arises. The tube is known as vas deferens. The sperms pass through it.

(d) Seminal vesicle:

The epididymus is connected by the seminal vesicle by vas deferens. The seminal vesicle is a pair of small liberated sacs situated at the base of urinary bladder above the prostrate gland.

They join each other to form ejaculatory duct. Seminal vesicles
secrete a viscous fluid which forms most of the part of semen. It also lubricates the passage through which the sperms travel. This fluid also protects the sperms from the acids normally present in the urethra and female reproductive duct.

(e) Prostrate gland:

It is a blobbed glandular mass embracing the urethra. In man two prostrate glands fuse to form only one.

It produces prostates fluid which is discharged into urethra through more than two dozen fine ducts. There is more secretion during sexual act when they are forcefully ejected by contraction of muscular and elastic tissues.

(f) Urethra:

It is a tube starting or arising at the urinary bladder. It passes through the copula Tory organ (penis) to the tip of the glands penis.

The urethra of male functions both for the passage of sperms and urine

(g) Penis:

The penis is the copula Tory organ of male for the transfer of the sperms to the female reproductive tract. It is about long in the flaccid condition. It is highly muscular organ having erectile tissue and vascular spaces.

Under excitement these vascular spaces are filled with blood and provide additional rigidity. The enlarged tip of the penis is known as glans penis. It is the most sensitive part and is protected by a sheath of skin called the prepuce.