v Positive attitude: – I like being


v  Integrity: –

I like being honest, not only with
myself, but also to the people with whom I am working, which helps the company
to grow. I don’t disclose any secrets or personal information of the company,
my colleagues to a rival company. Since I am a loyal person, I always strive to
improve the growth and reputation of my company. Even if an employer or
colleague asked to do any unethical job about the company I won’t do since I will
always bind to the rules and regulations of the company.

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v  Teamwork: –

Since teamwork is important in the success
of the business or company, I like to work with the colleagues as a team by organizing
time and using the skills to increase the growth of my organization. As a team
member I like to set the goals and with my team I will complete the assigned
task in a short period. Since, I was a flexible person I like being work with
different people with a good attitude.

v  Positive attitude: –

I like being positive which helps me
to perform well in the functions of the company, I am enthusiastic and interested
to do my work not regarding the position which I have placed. I also like to
take new challenges which will help not only for my career but also to the
organization, I also like to speak frankly, when there is a fault in my task if
it is wrong.

v  Inner strength: –

Firstly, I am very self-confident and
independent person. I will be focused in my work till  it gets completed, which represents my determination
and ability to work. I am very cool and calm going person and do not get
bothered with the disturbing things around me. My focus will always remain on
the work, neither the work time nor the stress can frustrate me.

v  Leadership ability: –

I like to motivate and to cheer up people
around me which helps in creating a healthy work environment. I am willing to
take the responsibility of my work and also my team members and I will set
goals to complete the assigned task in the given time. I like to work as a team
which requires great communication skills that I posses, motivate my team
members to work, manage the time by making schedules which shows the leadership
qualities in me.