We information in its control centers.3.2. Radiation effects

We are aware that the protection designed for the settlemet is more than we need at 500 km in LEO, but Project Syzygy also consists in a space debris management program which plans to clear a big part of the debris in Low Earth Orbit and than commute to MEO where it can start to decongest the orbit. 23  Whithout tacking in consideration the thickness of the added layers due to shielding requirements, the station’s radius equals 100 m, but with the added thicknesses, the radius reaches 107.05 cm (an increase of 7.05 cm occurs, but the thickness will continue to increase due to the whipple shields and the solar panels).3.1.3. Monitoring the radiationBeing a constant threat to the people of Syzygy, radiation must be permanently monitorized in our two main control centers (one in the middle of each habitate). Sensors based on Medipix and Timepix (developed by CERN) technologies will be used to monitor radiation levels and fluctuations inside and outside the settlement. In adition to that we wil use Geiger counter based sensors. If the sensors detect any kind of anomaly inside Syzygy the problematic area will be evacuated and sealed to prevent the spreading of radiation in other modules. Our top engineers and qualified crew will work to fix the problem as fast as they can, suits resistant to radiation being provided to them as they work on the sealed site.Also, the SPEs will be closely watched with the help of SOHO satelite (Solar and Heliospheric Observatory) which monitors the solar activity. Through the Deep Space Network provided by NASA, Syzygy will recieve updated information in its control centers.3.2. Radiation effects on the human bodyIf people expose their body to ionizing radiation such as those abundantly found in space their organism will stop functioning normally. The radiation dosage applied to people is measured in “Rem” units. Rem dosage is expressed in rads that may cause biological damages as those caused by a rad of gamma rays or X-rays. Constant exposure to short wavelength radiation can lead even to DNA structure changes. The fundamental structure of any living organism is the cell. Because 75% of the human body is made out of water it absorbs a lot of ionizing radiation and turns it into ionized water with free radicals which interact with harmed molecules in the body’s DNA. Radiation sickness is the term used for people that had been in contact with radiative environments and it manifests through severe burns, cancer or even sterilization. Radiation effects are both genetic and somatic. Among the somatic effects there 24are the prompt somatic effects which appear after a large dose or radiation. The most important syndromes of the somatic effects are: Gastrointestinal tract syndrome (>1000 rad), Central nervous system syndrome (>5000 rad) and Blood forming organ syndrome (bone marrow). Radiation being such a threat to Syzygy’s must be stopped to guarantee a stable and sustainable future for the colonists.