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WELCOME ABOARD, AS WE PARTAKE A THRILLING JOURNEY TOWARDS YOUR WELL BEING. WE CARE FOR OUR WELL-BEING IN ALL ASPECTS. YOUR HEALTH IS OUR PRIORITY AND OUR PRIME FOCUS AS WE PUMP FITNESS INTO YOU. CONCERNING USFeel comfortable as we take you to a journey of greatness, welcome to the great Pump Fitness.Pump Fitness is a unique high class health club gym located within Nairobi county of Kenya. We are acknowledged for our exceptional experience especially on boutique spa of health. Unlike other health clubs in Nairobi, we value our customers and they are our priority as well as main focus. Our services are customer satisfaction oriented and of high quality. Once you use our services you will realize the destination is a great experience in life and a worthy facility to recommend for your friends and relatives too.The health club gym is beauty at its best, made in a beautiful scenery of a relaxed atmosphere, a great touch of quality class, a friendly environment for all among others. It is quite a lovely vibe and everyone should give it a chance. This cool vicinity is great for the business class and also for the ordinary class citizen to interact and share ideas that may be beneficial for the individual progress and productivity of the nation as a whole. Other than the beauty at its best, we offer various fun classes in our premises. This services may include; Personal trainings that leads to a self-actualized individual, dances class that contains different styles of dances taught by professionals in the field, spinning which is a rare skill to gain and helps one relax, yoga which is gaining popularity all over the world, Pilates among others. This skills add beauty to exercises and help you be relaxed as you focus on your day to day activities.Amazingly, this wonderful facility is located in Lavington at the famous Valley Arcade Center for Shopping, well known place by people throughout the country and easy to access. This is probably a one in a million gym that offers high quality services at an affordable price. Why spend more time looking for the best choice place on the well-being of your health while you can have us? Take your time to check up this fantastic health club gym.Additionally, we also offer both the long term contracts to our clients, as well as the short term contracts. Our clients can sit at the comfort of our premises with the offers on their contracts. This offers are for a particular class of our members, making them enjoy the benefits of the facility for a particular prolonged time. We encourage everyone to take advantage of these rare offers. Unlike other gyms that offer a one day service, we honor our clients and we ought to have a long term relation with them. This is the best gym everyone would wish to be at considering the facilities and the cool atmosphere it is located at.          Our PhilosophyWe have our own philosophy that guides as the mind map to what we do.  Our philosophy is built on the following pillars which are the foundation stone to what we do in order to ensure quality surpasses quantity.  Wellness. Our team of experts believe that your well-being is clearly manifested by the process of your thoughts (How you think), your way of locomotion (How you move) and even your diet (What food you eat) and the impact it leaves on your body. Having acknowledged this we work hand in hand with the client to ensure that his or her wellness is well taken care of. We guide the client step by step to channel his or her thoughts to control the movement of the flexing muscles and support it to a proper feeding diet mechanism ensuring that the client can see reward for his or her effort as a whole.Nutrition. The body needs proper metabolic activities in order to perform its functions well. For this reason, we help our clients restore proper awesome metabolic reactions with an aid of restricting the diet they take. If a client does not take care of his or her diet the probability of effective results being realized is very low. That’s why we recommend for the client of our facility to ensure that they feed the kind of food that represents who they want to become. What we eat matters a lot during exercise periods.By maintaining a proper recommended balanced diet, the client is assured to be supported with the right team to build his physical as well as emotional well-being. Proper metabolic activities due to proper kind of nutrition leads to a balance between the client’s vibrant energy and even the achieved hormonal balance. This is on the health of the client. Furthermore, restrictive diets also helps one build on the physique they require. Training. The kind of approach we undertake towards exercise is one of its kind. This training is fully customized hence the prescription given by the instructors are quite comfortable for everyone to try out according to your body’s specifications. We are indeed are a healthy solution towards your well-being as well as the epitome for greatness among the service providers, of well-being of the client, in as far as training is concerned. The more you try our training, the more you see it as vital for every one of us to train in our health club. We have a team that is ready to help each client deal with the kind of fears and concern they have as a starting trainee by offering activities that are not beyond what a client can perform. We all should embrace and try out this kind of training by joining the best candidate for the training, that is our facility and we assure you will come back for more services without regret. Freedom. Everyone desire to be away from diseases and have all kinds of well-being including prevention of or contraction of deadly illnesses of the mental and physical kinds. Psychological illnesses may not injure our physical body but still affects our body functions hence the need to work out. Working out at the gym helps reduce the emotional pain or illness. This continues to be prescribed all over the world by modern day counselling psychologist. Additionally, our social life matters a lot hence the gym is a safe place to interact with other people from all walks of life who attend our premises. We treat each of our clients as equals and important and we offer them the service they seek. The spiritual bit of our lives is also well taken care of by our yoga classes among other classes whose main intention is to nourish the spirit of the participant involved. As you continue with the prescribed physical gym activities, the body also develops the physical appearance and wellness as a whole. So indeed this is a freedom area, where everyone’s right is respected. AEROBICSThis is a type of exercise that is famous all over the world. It is done by the physical body and usually brings together the strength and stretching mechanism of training together with the rhythmic exercises in order to improve the elements that fitness requires. Knowing how to do it is more important than just doing it in a clue-less way. Usually it is done accompanied by music in a setting that is spaced enough to allow one stretch without hitting an obstacle. However, it can also happen without being accompanied by musical backgrounds depending on the specifications of the client. It may be done by a single person as a solo or led by an instructor. The main aim of aerobics is to promote the well-being and prevent any kind of sickness that may attack the body’s immune system. Many people prefer aerobics being accompanied by a set of cool music to make the entire process fun and great to participate in. The exercises performed are made to be dance-like so as to make the body feel in rhythm with the accompanying music as well as other people performing the exercises in the gym.CROSS-FITThis is a fitness regimen that involves constant different functional movement that are done based on high intensity by the person working out. The movements in cross-fit is based on interval training and also reflects several  aspects among them being gymnastics, rowing, running, the famous Olympic weightlifting sports, plyometric, calisthenics among others. The main agenda in cross-fits is to move the biggest loads over the shortest time possible. Very large loads are moved for very long distances thereby tends to maximize the amount of work done in a unit time. It employs the principle of intensity that is the more work done in a given time the more intensified is the effort. The body fitness gains a lot once it has a constant different kinds of approaches to the exercises we do and an increase in their intensity. Cross-fit is an inclusive general fitness that is observable and measurable whose results can be done again with similar results It is done all over the world hence it is universal and proven by known scientist to be effective for the body fitness.TAE BOTae bo is combines boxing, martial arts and martial arts. It also contains some dancing moves that are used in it. It is among the most recognized methods of exercise. It is said to be a system of body fitness that is a totality in nature. Kicks and punches are used a lot and the dances in it makes the whole exercise fun to participate in it. It gives tone to the body as well as a proper cardiovascular workout hence recommended for burning the body fat. It can also be very crucial in the loss of body weight as well as giving some form of physical defence to the body. Among the main intention of Tae Bo is to increase the type of strength used on the day to day activities which is also referred to as the functional strength. The fun part is that it has awesome dance moves that adds up to the already energy peak work outs. However, it is not intended for fighting at all. The aerobics only strengthens the muscles. It has also been said to improve coordination in the body, flexibility as well as balance of the body’s physique.ZUMBAZumba is said to involve aerobic movements as well as some dance movements accompanied to the energetic music that usually plays in the midst of the exercise. The person who directs Zumba usually uses some internationally recognized music such as salsa, hip-hop, samba, soca, merengue as well as mambo. It is practiced across one hundred and eighty countries all over the world. It also incorporate the use of squats and also lunges. It is safe for all ages as propellants of Zumba claim. It is said to be more of a party than a workout hence effective for people who do not enjoy lots of workout or avoid it because it is very entertaining. It also has lots of step counts, simple dance moves and emphasis on the hips. It burns lots of calories.STEP AEROBICSSteps aerobics is slightly different from the aerobic exercise because it uses a raised platform which is the step. It is very efficient for the group programs of exercises. It strengthens the muscle supporting the knee due to the continuous stepping up and down during the entire exercise. It is also used for various dancing games all over the world like the In The Groove dancing competition. Instructors switch to different moves in order to make it more interesting. It focuses on people making their feet tap instead of pressing their entire body weight on the floor. A set of moves form the choreography of the class and the techniques are easy to master yet very beneficial to the well-being of the body. The moves take different durations and also different levels for the participants. Like other forms of aerobics it helps burn a lot of fat and also calories. However this depends on the interest to follow instructions and the speed to catch up with the exercises, also the height of the entire steps. Additionally, Length of the exercise matters a lot together with the physiques of the person in terms of weight and height of the person. Furthermore, consistency is the key to all these forms of exercises, the more you practice the more you gain. Step aerobics is said to be a classic cardio workout, and over the decades it has been proven to give good results for those who do it.BODY TONINGOver the years body toning has been used to refer to the firm body physique with great muscles and shape. It involves lots of physical exercise that that mainly target developing the muscles and reduction of fatty tissues that makes the body lose its desired shape. The muscle size is deemed to change with frequent periods of exercises whilst decrease in the fat covering the muscles but it is important to note that the shape cannot change whatsoever. During body toning, many of the exercises performed are more of basic weight lifting which are repeated severally to improve the muscle appearance and reduce fat cover. Many people desire to appear toned and thus sacrifice is needed for this exercise to be a success. Just like in other aerobics, the more the practice the more toned one becomes. This is on condition that they practice the right or rather the recommended way by the instructor. Under the instructions provided by our facility with a great reputation for making willing clients transformed, you will get exactly the kind of toning you want.