What are the different Methods of Calculating Performance Appraisal?


1. Ranking:

In this method of person is ranked against others on the basis of certain traits and characteristics.

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2. Paired Comparison:

In this method, each person is compared with other persons taking only one at a time. Usually only one trait, over all suitability to perform the job, is considered.

3. Grading:

In this method certain categories of abilities or performance are defined will in advance and persons are put in particular category depending on their traits and characteristics.

4. Forced-choice method:

This method contains a series of groups of statements and the rater checks how effectively the statement describes each individual being evaluated.

5. Critical Incident Method:

In this method, only critical incidents and behaviour associated with these incidents are taken for evaluation.

6. Graphic Rating Scale:

This method assesses the degree of certain qualities required for a job. The central idea behind this scaling is to provide the rater with a continuum representing varying degrees of a particular quality.