2. sub-grade after obtaining satisfactory compaction test result.

2. Relevant Process/Specification:

As per contract specification

3. Tools/Equipment Required:

As specified by Subcontractor.

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4. Procedure/Method:

Ensure that all the road crossings, manholes and underground service lines are completed.

Set out centerline of the road and protect the survey points. Levels shall be calculated from relevant approved construction drawings.

The top level of the road and curbstone shall be given at site to establish sub grade and subsequent layer levels.

Excavations/fillings shall be done with Grader/Shovel/Excavator to obtain the sub grade level as per approved construction drawings.

Sub grade shall be compacted with heavy mechanical vibrating roller to achieve the required percentage of compaction as per specification.

Field compaction test shall be carried out on this layer.

Geotextile membrane shall be laid over this sub-grade after obtaining satisfactory compaction test result.

Levels of the sub grade shall be checked and approved by client.

Approved sub-base material shall be spread over the Geotextile to the specified level and shall be compacted to meet the requirements of the specification.

Field compaction test shall be carried out on each layer of compacted sub-base layer. Levels of each layer shall be subjected to the inspection of the client prior to proceeding with the next activity.

Kerbstone shall be installed as per the approved construction drawing.

A thin layer of approved primer shall be sprayed over the sub-base.

Approved Asphalt mix shall be spread in uniform thickness to the level specified. It shall be compacted with heavy rollers to achieve the compaction requirements as per specification.

Core sample shall be taken from the Asphalt layer for testing degree of compaction and Bitumen content by an approved independent agency for laboratory services.

Finished road shall be inspected by the client and the comments shall be recorded. If any rectification is required, it shall be done and inspected by the client again.