Objectives practices and regulations 7. Job descriptions

Objectives of Induction Programmes:

General objectives of such a programme normally are:

1. To introduce new employees with the organizational environment, exposing them to the mission, history and traditions of the organization, its achievements and future challenges, its personnel policy and expectations from the new employees

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2. To create a positive attitude in the minds of the new employees

3. To create proper awareness in the new employees enabling them to understand the business of the organization

4. To provide opportunity to interact with other fellow employees and also with other managerial employees of the organization

Components of Induction Programme:

A good induction programme should contain following areas which are conveniently distributed under organization’s point of view and employee’s point of view.

Organization’s Point of View:

1. History, mission, objectives and philosophy of the organization

2. Its product, production process, operations involved, state of technology

3. Its past achievements, present status and future growth plan

4. Structure of the organization and the functions of different departments

5. Delegation of authority and decision-making process

6. Personnel policies, other miscellaneous policies, practices and regulations

7. Job descriptions and responsibilities

8. Expectations from new employees

Employee’s Point of View:

1. Job responsibilities

2. Office procedures

3. Grievance handling procedures

4. Salary and perks

5. Service rules governing hours of work and overtime

6. Rules covering probation, confirmation, promotion opportunities, transfer, etc.

7. Retirement and superannuation benefits

8. Employee services and welfare activities

9. Employee’s participation in small group activities, question schemes 10. Performance evaluation