3. discuss the fourteen principles but we will

3. To develop better interpersonal and employer-employee relationships in an organization

4. To develop team spirit

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5. To develop coordination among different units of an organization

6. To develop organizational health by continuous renewal of individual capabilities (averting manpower obsolescence), keeping pace with the technological changes

Objectives of HRD can be made clear when we highlight the importance of human resources in line with the examination process of the ‘Baldridge Award’, which is given at an international level to a quality organization. Objectives of HRD practices in an organization should be to put efforts to develop/and realize the full potential of the workforce, including the management.

They also help in maintaining an environment conducive to total participation, quality leadership and personal and organizational growth. In an organization, there are six units, which are concerned with HRD namely person, role, dyad, team, inter-team and organization. The effectiveness of one contributes in turn to the effectiveness of the others.

HRD objectives can also be couched in line with W. Edward Deming’s fourteen principles for quality improvement in an organization. Here, we would not discuss the fourteen principles but we will focus on only those points which are related to HRD objectives. They are as follows:

1. Institute training on the job

2. Break down barriers between departments to build teamwork

3. Drive fear out of the work place

4. Create conditions to enable employees to take pride in their workmanship

5. Institute programme of education and self-improvement