Secondary to change or cope with environment.

Secondary prevention is to detect and correct departures from good health as early as possible. In other words, to reduce the prevalence of disease and disability we can often accomplish this with screening products that detect disease before it is manifested by symptoms or signs.

Screening needs to be combined with counseling about reduction of risks to health if it is to be fully effective. Health promotion is defined as the process of enabling people to increase control over and improve their health.

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An individual or group must be able to identify and realize the aspiration to satisfy needs and to change or cope with environment. Health is a resource for everyday life, a positive concept emphasizing social and personal resources involving physical capabilities.

It is difficult for anybody to counter the statement: ‘prevention is better than cure’. But when sickness fully overtakes a person one has to reach to both medical and surgical treatment for purposes of cure. It is also common knowledge that such treatment should be timely and at the hands of a competent doctor. Proper diagnosis should precede such treatment.

The analogy seems perfect when we apply it to industry. Cases are not wanting where the doctor administered a wrong medicine. Diagnostic studies have revealed interesting dimensions to the problem of sickness in the units:

1. Some SSI entrepreneur took advantage of all the facilities offered by every agency, Governments, financial institutions and markets and misused the assis­tance.

2. The mushroom growth of bogus entrepreneurs can be avoided by alertness of sponsoring agencies and financial institutions by two-level screening.

3. There are instances of entrepreneurs who have set up units on their assured capability to access markets in the Government sector through political connec­tions and the moment the political friends were out of power the assumptions failed and the units collapsed.