“What lines of the job advertisement and

“What will they ask me?”

That’s the first question that comes to our mind before an interview. Apart from that there are so many if’s and but’s like “What if I’m not able to answer?”, “What if I get confused?”

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Between so many questions, there is a single desire- to impress the interviewers and get the job.

A proper insight of the company can help you fulfill that desire as it helps to get the fuel of confidence,  hence helps to answer properly thereby leaving a positive impact on the interviewer’s mind.

Here is what you got to do before an interview-


(1)    Leaf through the book!

First thing you should do is to have an overlook of the company. Gather some information from the internet and the people working in the corporate world and try to understand what imprint the company has on the market; in short get a rough idea about the company.


(2)    Read the prologue!

Your next step should be opening the company’s  website and looking  for what skills and values the company anticipates from the employee. Read between the lines of the job advertisement and see if you can improve your resume or not. By doing so you will be able to make yourself the person they want to hire. Job description also helps you in making decision whether you really want to get the job for that post or not.


(3)    Know the characters!

Go and see the profile of chief persons of the hierarchy, especially CEO, company directors and managers. Get yourself aware about their field of work and their experience. You should also check their twitter and LinkedIn profile to understand them better. You can always give examples of the company’s chief persons so as not to leave any opportunity to impress the interviewer.


(4)     Start reading the book!

As a potential employee of the company you must know what you will be doing and with whom you will be dealing after you join the company. Getting information about their clients, products and services will clear the fog. Read the blogs of employers and case studies on the company’s web site. Read the ‘news and recent events’ section to know the activities going on in the company. Also, read ‘Mission and vision’ of the company to know what kind of culture will be in the company.

(5)    Know the Author!

This is the last thing you should do before stepping into the interview room. Knowing the interviewer will help your heart pump the confidence in the interview room. Once you know the name of your interviewer you can check their LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook page. Try to seek their Main field of study and work to prepare yourself for the technical questions.  Never forget to gather information about his project work, if you have worked on the project from the same field, the chances of impressing him are very high and thereby getting an offer letter with a handsome package.


Keep these things in mind,be confident and nail the job-interview!