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What is gender equality? by definition gender equality refers to the “achieved when women and men enjoy the same rights and opportunities across all sectors of society, including economic participation and decision-making, and when the different behaviours, aspirations and needs of women and men are equally valued and favoured. nGender equity is a very important theme in our society now that without him and we would leave a society just where everyone has the same rights and are not discriminated by our race, religion or gender to me I’m glad think that Mexico respects the fairness of g January but not everywhere so there are countries where women do not even have the right to vote there are countries where women are abused by their genre in this essay I am going to talk a little of it, to start what is gender equity We link equity of gender justice and equality and social equality, but the dictionary defines it as known as gender equity to the defence of the equality of men and women in the control and use of goods and services of the society  This means abolishing discrimination between the sexes and that this definition is not favor man in any aspect of social life, personally I really like that talk about something very important what is to abolish the discrimination I think that this is a part very import ante in which is sold to base all societies since a just society does not discriminate or have prejudices the equality between man and woman is a barrier that is still us but we are making progress in some countries slower than other discrimination women N or is it just not having right to vote in some countries is more than that in some countries women are subject to forced marriages, economically speaking not pay them the same for the simple fact of being a woman, these are all different types of discrimination , some are worst than others but it is discrimination, according to the World Economic Forum, the women charged 75% less than menThere are countries where being a woman means facing many problems and social arriers ,among the worst areEssay Mali: This small African country is one of the one of the worst countries to be a woman  in addition is to be the few countries where the rate of a woman’s life is lower that a man which comes only at the age of 48, there are many more problems; This seems a very disgusting to have to pass these women is very unfair we should do something and not only in mali illiteracy makes it difficult to help these women, there are also forced into underage marriages and mutilation I thinkLebanon is another country where much discrimination exists for women in this country what concerns most is the domestic violence also recurrent in Mexico although the Lebanon we see a higher rate, there are also Catholic belief and religious in this country d onde man make them believe it’s worth than women also divorce is not allowed and there is also something called horrific crime of Nora where a father suspected his daughter doing part of adultery enlisting married as  has the right to take away the ‘life that is in imaginable I can’t personally even think as a parent can do that to her own daughter but is the cultural situation in which  these men that makes them think that they do have right to do so so that Lebanon is one of the most dangerous to be living woman and where there is gender equality.Iran:And finally Iran a country where the political representation of women and only 3% and where all candidates to be Presidents who were women were disqualified automatically just by the simple fact of not being men also in this country women are a life of slaves are forced to wear a veil and live in the shadow of the man most of the time their husbands this country women need the permission of men to practice even more simple task say studying to do sports examples how e Stas there are many but we have to do something, although the UN is doing a very big job to help these women in places where there is no gender equity, we must raise hand and do somethingAfter looking all the information I conclude that is that gender equity is a very important thing which we must respect, and in addition to everything is to promotc a culture of gender equity which unfortunately many countries there as the examples that abound there are many countries where women suffer d iscriminacion abuse and injustices so must do something starting from our home from Mexico and foster a global change so women do not have to suffer the lack of gender equity and justice.