What some countries have a non-stop snow which

What causes lack of education:

Lack of education is caused by many factors.
humanium.org Lack of education is caused by poverty. Being out of money leaves
you unable to get involved in any school to get educated. borgenproject.org In
some poor countries there aren’t enough schools, that is because they don’t
have the financial recourses to build schools, provide schools with required
materials or pay the teachers their salaries. Furthermore, some geographical
locations are not perfect for schooling. This includes thing such as weather
were some countries have a non-stop snow which leads to lack of transportation
as well as living in areas which are miles far away from schools or
universities. Many families cannot afford schools and are oftentimes forced
into child labor. Over 300 million children between the ages of five and 17 years
are being forced to get involved in jobs. Most of these children work to
support their families financially and that is a significant contributor to
high number of children being out of school. globalcitizen.org Teachers at
schools and universities are the most effective factor in learning. Some
teachers do not have the training needed to effectively help students to learn
which causes students to fail and stay at home.

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When I was in grade 10, I used to have a math
teacher that did not know how to control the class which made her unable to
bring the point to the students. I was good in math, but others who are not
failed the subject.

What I learned:

There are many contributing factor leading to this
issue “Lack of education”. But, what I think is that the most effective part is
the teacher. What makes me think of that is that day by day this thing is
increasing in many poor countries in Africa and which will definitely increase
the number of students being uneducated well.

Different perspective:

ijonte.org Here is a study result that was made
among students and teachers that shows the main causes of “Lack of education”.
According to the students, the main cause of being uneducated well and the
reason of skipping classes is that they are unable to ask the teacher some of
the points they don’t understand during the class period. That might be because
the teacher is so strict with them or because of the limited knowledge a
teacher has and will be unable to answer their questions. According to the
teachers, the main cause of “Lack of education” is that students are not
supported by their families. Many single parents leave their children with
their grandparents and they don’t have anyone to ask questions and no one to
protect them. I used to have a friend that was suspended from the school
because of not having anyone to drop her to the school. Her parents are
divorced, married to another people and she was living with her grandmother.