When 4s introducing Siri, Apple’s own intelligent voice

When Steve Jobs introduced the first
iPhone at the Macworld in 2007, it was the first real change in technology. Since
the first smartphone was called the Simon Personal Communicator created in 1992,
this started the industry by creating more smartphones. This led to the introduction
of Blackberry, Motorola, Palm, Nokia smartphones etc. The smartphones at the
time had an unusable interface, and the keyboards were plastic and clunky. In
the article, Ritchie says that, “They were technologies that would one day
become commonplace across the industry but back then looked like
science-fiction” (Ritchie). During Jobs’ keynote speech, he says, “they’re not
so smart, and they’re not so easy to use” (EverySteveJobsVideo). On the other
hand, the iPhone started with a revolutionary user interface. Getting rid of
the buttons and transforming the phone into a giant screen. The iPhone’s interface
controls consist of switches and buttons. 
Interaction with the iPhone includes gestures such as touch, swipe, tap,
and pinch; all maintain in the iOS operation system. Previously, smartphones
were difficult to use, but iPhones are friendly for users. According the
article, “The History of Smartphones” by Brad McCarty, he says that “Smartphones
had always been seen more along the lines of something that business people
used, and Apple did a rather magnificent job translating the idea over to
something that a consumer would desire.” Unlike other tech companies, Apple
tries to improve every new generation to attract new clients and provide support
for customers.

Over the years, Apple
revolutionized the iPhone and shaped the industry of today. To recap the
history and features of all released iPhones, the first iPhone was 2G with the
home button, and metal rear casing. The iPhone 3G introduced a couple new
features, like 3G connection, and 3rd party apps. The iPhone 3Gs
introduced speed improvement and video recording. The iPhone 4 continued with a
front facing camera. and a retina display. The further model was the iPhone 4s
introducing Siri, Apple’s own intelligent voice assistant for communication.
The 5th generation of the iPhone including the 5, 5c, and 5s. The
iPhone 5 had a bigger display and became lighter. The 5c receives the same
component as the iPhone 5 but with a plastic rear case with a variety of
colors. The 5s redesigned the home button, which contained a finger Touch ID
sensor to unlock your phone. The 6th model had recognizably
different sizes with the regular and plus sizes. The 7th model
introduced water and dust resistance. As newer iPhone are released, the
technology gets improved and changes every year. This year, Apple revealed the
iPhone X; a huge leap forward since the original iPhone. The article says the “iPhone
X represents Apple’s most ambitious attempt ever at making a phone absolutely
seamless. A phone that never forces you to think about the object itself, but
disappears quietly while you pay attention to whatever you’re doing” (Peirce). Apple
celebrated their 10th Anniversary to create this phone without a
home button. 

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