When testing uses animals to study biological, medical

When picking out your cosmetics, do you ever stop to think of what they are made of or how they are made? Each year an estimated 70 million animals are affected in the name of science by private institutions. Animals are hurt and made to suffer every year for research to make chemical products, medicine cosmetics etc. Innocent animals are treated terrible for the sake of human protection and safety. Animal testing uses animals to study biological, medical and physical properties. Scientists use the experiments that are tested on animals for better results on humans since the organ system and body process is similar, and because they are noteducated about the fact that there are other alternatives. I believe that animal testing should be banned from BC immediately because it is not reliable, cruel and very inefficient. These animals spend mostly their entire lives being trapped in cages in labs across BC as they suffer in pain. The amount of stress they are put through causes them to behave strangely by doing things such as biting at their own skin or pulling at their own hair. Some animals may even jump in fear when someone walks by because they are so terrified. Scientists watch how the animals react to the chemicals which includes skin eruption, diarrhea, constipation, etc so they know what to fix for  the next trials. Force fed animals are purposely made blind or have had their vocal cords taken out so they don’t scream. Animals have to go through repeated surgeries and given drugs so they lose their sense of feeling, and for cosmetic testing it is common that they put product in a conscious rabbits eyes to see if it gets irritated at all by it.  After going through this horrible lonely life almost all the animals are  carelessly left to die.  Penny Hawkins of the RSPCA says “It is good that this problem has been put right but bad that it took so long to do so. Animals have suffered unnecessarily and patients have been let down because public money has been wasted on worthless research. We now need to see how robustly the agencies follow up these new guidelines and ensure scientists comply with them.”There are many different alternatives to animal testing that many people are not aware of, not only are they much cheaper but there are also faster ways of getting the same results that are more accurate and no one is getting harmed. Almost 50 alternative methods have been developedand  are being accepted by authorities. A few examples are using blood from people that have volunteered to get it tested for disease causing contaminants, artificial human skin such as EpiDerm, and many more. Some companies avoid any testing by using non-toxic natural ingredients in their products.  Some of the products tested on animals are so inaccurate that 92% of  them have been tested to be poisonous or even deadly at times. “I don’t think we can justify using animals for cosmetics research” Said Clive Page, a researcher from London. For these reasons it is much safer to go with another option. Animals are treated incredibly unfair, like humans, they can feel pain and they are smart enough to know what they are going through. Although animals cannot speak, and they don’t have all the abilities that humans do, it doesn’t make them any less intelligent, and they don’t get an option when it comes to this, humans decide for them because they can’t say no, and they get violated because of the research environment, which damages their well being. These animals are taken away from their habitat, and brought to labs where they are trapped in cold cages somewhere completely foreign to them.  Thus, animals should be  treated with the same respect as humans because they are just as valued.Animal testing must be banned from BC immediately. Animals are treated unfairly because they can’t decide for themselves. Many people don’t know that there are other alternatives for animal testing, there are cheaper and more reliable ways to get the same results.Animals are trapped in cages and treated very cruel in a way that violates them and if this wereto be done to humans it would be considered a criminal offence. Would you want to be treated This way?