With “Is Detox Necessary?” in The Star

due respect, I am Durugai Devi studying in SEGI College. I would like to bring
in to your kind attention that, I read an article about “Is Detox Necessary?”
in The Star daily paper and I am literally dissatisfaction with certain
statements in the article.

may experiences side effects or risks during elimination of toxic substances
from the bodies by consuming detox. In the beginning, detox diet might help to
weight loss but soon or later consumers will gain it back. In the end, they
will feel like didn’t accomplished anything.

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it is an unhealthy way to reduce weight and also detox diets are unrecommendable
for those with certain medical condition, it could be harmful for their health.
For instead, some people don’t feel well on nutrient-poor diets and
low-calorie. The side effects are includes low blood sugar, low energy,
fatigue, nausea and headache or feeling dizzy. As well, it is very hazardous
for individuals with diabetes.

the article, the writer mentioned that “it is not necessary for people to
resort special diet or equipment for the detoxification process”. I am disagreeing
with the statement. Simply devouring detox without appropriate eating
methodologies and exercises may dangers individuals’ wellbeing conditions. Instead
of consuming any detox supplements, drinking plenty of water can eliminate
toxins from the body by sweating and urinating. In my opinion, drinking more
water is good for health rather than consuming detox.

addition, eating organic a great way to support the body’s detoxification
pathways and maintains adequate fiber and phytonutrients. In my opinion,
the fact that some detox are contains natural products or
vegetables juice eating regimens and special teas but it doesn’t help the body
to expel toxins as much as other natural and healthier methods to do.

 In recent years, we’ve heard a bunch of news
about detox diets. Nonetheless, it’s simply buildup with no wellbeing useful
for individuals. There is assortment of approaches to get our body clean and stay
fit for life however detox is not one of them.

obliged to you for your consideration. I hope to receive your reply soon.