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Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a society where every 2nd person is one of the likes of Bill Gates, Steve jobs, Einstein, Newton etc. ? Have you ever thought, spending 12 years in school, followed by 3-4 years in graduation and 2 years of post graduation college only was only waste of time. Why? Because in the span of 15 years, the industry has transformed many-times and the skills which were taught in the school/ college are not relevant anymore. Moreover, you need to undergo Re-Skill training, certification to keep up with industry demand.Now that is very inefficient way to skill and up-skill productive workforce. Great thought leaders have said that amount of transformation happened in past 100 years, will take just 5-10 years in future. Such exponential rise of change only means that the skills required in our jobs will become obsolete every 5 years , hence 15 years of education system will push us back.Why i believe our current education system is doing more harm than good:Our system is based on information retention and not knowledge applicationThis also makes easy for students to cheat in exams and successful ones are able to score wellAsking questions like “Please describe..”, “How do you define..”, and “What do you mean by…”, kills the creativity at very young age and the students coming out of college are “Well trained monkeys” and not intellectual human beings.Despite all efforts to include projects as a part of curriculum , everything seems futile since there is no motivation left for creatively to prosper or create value using knowledge acquired in classCut off marks in all institutes for admission makes students to approach education as “Marks driven” and not “Knowledge driven” and yet we complain that we dont have silicon valley in India.Since technology is driving this change, solution also lies within it. It is clear that artificial intelligence, Internet of Everything and Automation will surround our daily normal routine. Hence education system needs a fundamental transformation.Change from memory testing to Knowledge application approachWe are living in a digital age where information is available to us on fingertips. Thanks to Google and Facebook for making it available to us for free. Also, with millions of people in rural world adapting to internet and smartphones proves the point that internet alone is the biggest blessing of millennium. Therefore, gone are the days where humans need to memorize complex formulas, chemical element charts, mathematical tables, historical facts etc.We are already seeing some noticeable change in education sector with the help of innovative edu-tech start-ups:Distance learning using virtual classrooms in all leading institutesSkill specific online courses to wide variety of topics from business, technology, music, finance etc.Online test – to match the scale and reach abilityVideo interviews and discussionsThe next level on above would be introduction of artificial intelligence backed by a robust learning modules customized to understanding level to each individual.Here is how i envision future of education using artificial intelligence:Students need not attend physical classrooms for knowledge . They may log in into their Apps on their tabs/laptops to view pre recorded lectures to understand fundamental concepts.A smart online chat-bot programmed to answer wide range of questions pertaining to that topic. Exceptions can be searched onlineOnline subjective exams that can be automatically checked by the computers using text classification algorithms, along with checking for plagiarism.Hence result may be published instantly with feedback.Institutes to be used for following:Workshops organized to prototype new ideas that can add value to solution of real word problems. This holds true for scientific courses only.In person counselling/feedback for parentsGuest lecturesSports and extra curricular activitiesHow will this benefit society at large?The mindset of the workforce is application oriented and ready to solve real world challengesPeople can take up courses related to skills they desire early in their life.Since everything is digital, demand – supply gap of skills will reduce dramatically.More and more people will be comfortable in launching start-up and degrees & certifications wont be a constraint in professional developmentWe would see increased number of free lancer in every field that can be available to solve real life problems of around the world using technologySince the model is highly scaleable, We can have leading universities like Harvard, Oxford , MIT to develop a standardized curriculum for school students across the world and specific coursesThus we will see a large part of the young population engaged in solving real world problems in science, law, politics etc. early in life and the world will be more productive than ever. We may start to call people in the age of 20-25 as Inventors rather than Graduates. People might get multiple noble prize in their lifetimes.However, implementing all of this won’t be easy. There will be technological, political, systemic hurdles, but eventually future of education will be something like this.All this appears to be a fairy-tale now, but if you think about it in perspective, it is high time that we outsource the retention activity of our brains to cloud storage devices, and rather use it for solving real world problems like climate change, income in-equality, income disparity among sexes, poverty, health etc with the help of machine learning , data science and artificial intelligence.