you Snickers being just a delicious chocolate bar

you feel like a zombie constantly
thinking of sleep, take a bite of this and feel like a person who can run one
million feet. It is not coffee nor an energy drink, it’s a chocolate bar that
will get you right back on your feet. I know that most of you did not believe in
what you just read but if it got your attention let me welcome you to the advisements
world. Moreover, many television advisements have special ways of grapping your
attention. Most commercials keep things simple by basically stating the
product and why one would need it. This is common in many commercials; however,
Snickers (a chocolate bar) ads captures your attention in a different way. This
gives a whole new meaning to Snickers being just a delicious chocolate bar but
also, Snickers could be a snack that satisfies your hunger, gives power and
energy that makes you feel like a different person. The Snickers candy bar has
definitely made a huge mark in the world of advertising, using rhetorical situations, rhetoric appeals and visual composition to lure
customers in.

Starting with the
typical snickers commercial, it begins with a goofy emotional character
appearing to be out of the norm and not fitting into the situation that they
are in. Friends or acquaintances comfort the emotional wreck and say,
“Eat a snicker!” As the character takes a bite of the snickers. The
friends ask “Better?” Then the scene cuts back to the goofy
character who is back to her original form. The now normal character
replies with “Better”. This gives a whole new meaning to
Snickers being a snack that you can eat at any time of the day but also the
impression that a snicker might be more than just a candy bar.

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Moreover, the audience
that Snickers is trying to target is very large. The ads and commercials appeal
to men, women, elderly, and children. Snicker grabs the audience by use of
context, clever illustrations, and color themes. To improve popularity of
the Snickers product, Mars Inc. started advertising the brand in famous
sporting events, which is a great example of using Kairos in an ad. Snickers, a
chocolate product of Mars, launched their “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry”
campaign during Super Bowl in 2010, placing their advertisement front and
center at the screen of millions of American viewers. Since that time, the logo
has been wildly successful, raking in millions of dollars for Snickers. The
effectively short and catchy logo helped Snickers recover from previously slow
sales and increased its global sales by nearly sixteen percent (chocolate-class).

Furthermore, snickers
use of rhetoric appeals such as ethos and
pathos was highly presented in their advertisements. It is a typical behavior
for a snickers commercial to have famous actors. The ad that I am
introducing contains Betty White. Famous people are used in commercials because
it makes consumers pay extra attention to what the add is presenting. When people see their
favorite celebrities on TV using a product, it is typical for one to assume
that this product is good or works well if someone of such high status is using
it. This is just another advertising strategy. A producer of anyone good wants
to appeal to a wide variety of consumers. A great example is celebrities, but
also ionic characters such as using The Headless Horseman, a fictional
character from the short story, which was used in another snicker’s ad. Of
course, sugar hungry children are going to want to eat a Snickers
chocolate bar after they see their favorite character on TV. The art of
effective or persuasive speaking, especially the use of figures of speech and
other compositional techniques was a very important mark that snickers used to  incorporate ethos in their ads.

Moreover, the choice of
casting Betty White was an extremely strategic on Snickers’ part when using not
only ethos but most importantly pathos. Betty White is a famous beloved
actor who is very popular. Not only does her name and reputation help with the
popularity of the advertisement, but her profile and identity as an older woman
in itself adds a certain shock value to the commercial, prompting surprises in
many viewers given the stark contrast between her condition and the condition
of the other men.

For example, it is
atypical to find an elderly woman playing in a football game with men; even
more, it is a bit startling to see an elderly woman being tackled down to the
ground. As the viewer watches the video, there is a sense that Betty White
should not be playing football with grown men given her age and lack of
athletic ability.  Unfortunately, this feeling is exactly what Snickers’
campaign is able to capitalize on and also why the campaign is so effective. By
offering Betty White a snicker that transforms her into a man, Snickers shows
who is considered suitable to be the football player: a man who is young, has
energy, and is dependable. In this ad, viewers would finish watching thinking
that men are not only better players, but that they should not be weak or
fragile like women.

The use of ethos and
pathos in snicker’s ads to attract customers in wasn’t enough, using visual
composition was also another significant mark in their ads.