Young is giving the government the right

adults need the chance to discuss issues that affect their daily lives and
become more vocal in government. Discussing issues with a lawmaker would be a
great opportunity to address issues that we are concerned about.

The first question I would ask is,
why doesn’t the government increase funding for education. Education is vital
and essential to our nation’s success. As time goes on, the world continues to
become more dependent on technology. With a lack of funding, some school
districts don’t have the means to keep up with current technology. Increasing
funding in education should be a priority because it allows schools to
implement more tools for improving student knowledge. As a result, students
will prosper in college and their chosen career which will have a positive
ripple effect on the country as it will lead to more purchases, more jobs, and
an overall better economy. With a better economy, the United States will
flourish and maintain a strong position in the global world.

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The next question I would ask a legislator is, what is
the government doing to improve gun control. The Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution states: “A
well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the
right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” Gun control
isn’t about taking something away from the people, it is about creating laws to
improve safety of the purchase of firearms and ammunition.  Gun control is an issue that concerns
and affects every US citizen. Regulating gun control is crucial to expanding
the safety of our communities and the welfare of our country. Everyday
countless acts of violence take place which could be prevented with stricter
gun laws. Citizens will be able to live their lives at ease knowing that with
these laws in place, tragedies such as these are less likely to happen.

The last question I would ask a legislator is, why is
the government regulating the internet. The recent clash with net neutrality is
giving the government the right to regulate our internet, meaning we would have
to pay to use websites and will we be regulated on what we can view. The
government should focus on net neutrality’s effect on everything and everyone. The
internet created social media platforms which are constantly overlooked by the
government when seen as places only used for entertainment when in fact, they
are much more than that. Social media platforms should also be recognized for
their commercial uses as well as their entertainment. It has provided the world
a place to connect with people from different areas, educational tools for
students and teachers, and has become a larger and more powerful tool than
anyone had expected.

In closing, finding your
voice in government is important because you’re able to address the issues that
concern your life specifically and search for a solution to them, it is an
opportunity than should be provided to young adults more often.