Zainab salted paper, calotype processes, and photographic

Zainab Hamoud

# Part one, Chapter two

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January 4th, 2018


William Talbot is a British scientist and inventor who invented
salted paper, calotype processes, and photographic processes; he was also
photography pioneer. This paper would be focusing on the photogenic drawing
processes by Talbot.

The photogenic illustration by William
Talbot, “this technique is the principal photographic process fit for
creating negative pictures on paper. Talbot publicized his investigations after
Daguerreotype was presented.” (Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History). The way that
photogenic drawing is working is by sensitized using a two-step
process. More details on the process are applying water and table salt followed
by a brushed-on coating of silver nitrate. Thus, silver chloride isn’t delicate
implying that the procedure is requiring long exposure times. The main
photogenic illustrations were through direct contact with level articles and
than the standard of the procedure are connected. Talbot likewise tested
utilizing the same sharpened paper in camera obscura to catch still life

On the other hand, the negative images
were formed by printing out in direct light and than applying the solutions
such as, chloride, bromide, or iodide to the sensitized. All of that was before
washing the remaining sensitized with water.

At that time, contact on salted papers in printing frames was used to print
photogenic drawings. Depending on the paper used the print can be matte or
semi-matte; it is formed in the paper’s fibers. Some times the paper is coated
with oil or wax based product that is to improve the print’s quality.

These are some of the images by
William Talbot using photogenic process called “Fern-Buckler”, 28 Mars


Enlarged detail x 2               Enlarged detail x 8






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