Zeng, rich and there are lots of jobs,

Zeng, J. (2017) The
International Labour Organisation (ILO) in its “Review of Labour Migration
Policy in Malaysia” has attributed the cause of the high fatality among
migrants to “poor working conditions, high-levels of occupational stress and
lack of adequate medical care” (para 2.). United States of America’s Department
of Trafficking-in-Persons Report revealed that in 2015 immigrant workers in the
electronic trade are open to labour practices such as limitations on movement,
withholding of salaries, contract change, seizure of passports and debt captivity.

J. (2017) The Nepalese embassy reported 461 deaths of its workers in 2015 which
is a 32% rise from the 348 demises in 2014. This is an average of nine deaths
each week. At this frequency, Malaysia is becoming a death camp for migrant
workers (para 1.). Even though the big industries are raking in more money, the
benefits of these are never passed on to its workers. The incredibly poor
living conditions make them prone to diseases as well as health related issues.

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J. (2008). “They are constantly stopped, questioned and arrested even when
they have valid documents,” said Fernandez. Pakistani -worker, Tajul
Mohideen, told the Asia Times: “This country is very rich and there are
lots of jobs, but there is a lot of discrimination too.” Foreign workers
are barred from marrying local women, opening bank accounts, changing jobs or
traveling (para 7.). These testimonials give us an image how they are treated.
Even though corporations are expanding they are doing nothing for the welfare
of the workers. No talks with the government, no talks with labor union. The
workers are even forced to not get associated with any kind of NGO or labor

minimum wage, (2017). The minimum wages set by the government in 2017 are
approximately around $1.6/hour (para 3.). This over the years has marginally
increased even though all the major industries investing are from west. As the corporations
have economic and political power; they tend to stay rich as they have the
power to control the system. While at the same time, the migrant workers who
are bonded by immigration laws, company’s rules and job broker’s agreements
have very little to do. They hold a small window to improve their situation. Even
though some sociologists argue that hard work can take them anywhere; In the
electronic industry where workers are forced to work and industries have found
a loophole to bypass the laws, their hard work remains stagnant.

is surprising the industries are even the paying stipulated wage for the overtime
run. They can spend the money they want, but a worker’s health is inevitably